Create Catalogs in Minutes

Learn how to give catalog management power back to the procurement team


Create content rich supplier catalogs
with drag and drop functionality

Multi-currency, multi-language,
and tiered pricing support

Custom characteristics
and attributes

Enriched product details with
description, image, reviews, and policy

Seamless integration to ERP and SRM
systems with cxml or oci format

Direct data mapping
to standard material codes

Build and publish supplier catalog content to your shopping population in minutes

The smartOCI Catalog Manager provides Buyers and Suppliers with a powerful and simple web-based tool to create product and service catalogs. The smartOCI Catalog Manager is compliant with the latest Open Catalog Interface (OCI) and CXML standards and is seamlessly integrated with the smartOCI Search Engine. Employees can punch out from their eProcurement or ERP system, search for catalog items, and return them back into their shopping session.


Benefits of Using smartOCI

  • Introduce more content-rich catalogs to improve contract compliance
  • Enhance the usability of the catalog search experience
  • Reduced administration, hardware, and software costs
  • Integrated with the smartOCI Search Engine
  • Share data administration costs with supplier network
  • Fully compliant with the latest OCI and taxonomy classification standards



Features of SmartOCI


Predefined templates to upload supplier catalogs

Mass change capability for catalog content (i.e., price change by %)

Approval workflow for catalog content

Built-in error checking and audit logs

Define custom characteristics for catalog schema

Import capability for taxonomy and hierarchies such as UNSPSC